Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Garden Decking - Side Fixing or Surface Fixing?

Garden decking is an extremely popular option nowadays for creating an outdoor room that is ideal for relaxing and socializing. With a whole range of decking alternatives available, suited to all budgets, it's easy to see why an increasing number of folks are picking decking over conventional terraces to expand their outdoor living space. When you select your decking, then you're very likely to concentrate on species and colour of wood and maybe not think a lot about the depth of matching your decking, but choosing the right method of fitting is a significant element in determining the longevity of your deck.

Basically there are two sorts of deck building, decking that is placed in floor level and decking which is raised from the floor. Which structure works best for the job depends upon such matters as whether or not your floor is flat and the elevation of this space or doorway you would like to align with the decking with. By way of instance, in case you've got a sloping backyard along with a raised patio doorway coming out of your kitchen and you also need your decking to align along with your kitchen, then a elevated alternative will function greatest. But if you are looking only to get a good platform on which you are able to sit a desk and chairs in a corner of your backyard, there is no reason why a ground level deck won't deteriorate.

If it comes to fixing your decking, there are two chief choices. The first is unwanted, or secret fixing and the second is surface adjusting. Side or secret fixing involves using decking board ties or fixations. These ought to be fixed to the walls of your property and then to the bearers of this decking and will be accountable for keeping the decking securely in place. This process relies on screw nails that are inserted at a 45-degree angle into the sides of each deck plank. Side fixing is a great method of earning sure you don't have visible nails or screws in your stomach surface. All of that said, there's no getting away from the fact with secret or side fixing, you have to invest in specially manufactured fixations, that can be significantly more expensive than simple screw nails or screws.

Surface fixing entails making certain all your joists are nicely fixed and securely set up and then setting your boards, beginning in the walls of your residence. You may readily lay approximately 6 planks at one time using a distance of approximately 5mm between each plank. The distance between the planks is important to enable the boards to expand and contract, and also to allow venting. When you are surface fitting, it is important to select either intention made stainless steel or galvanized screws so your decking does not get rust stains across the screws. If it comes to repairing your own boards, it is ideal to pre-drill holes from the deck to prevent the chance of breaking up the boards. Start fixing in the ends of every plank and work to the middle, ensuring each single time you join a plank, you do that within a joist.

Whether you pick side or secret fixing or surface fixing depends upon the last look you are hoping to achieve. There's no getting away from that routine fitting is faster and lends itself better to lifting the odd board there and here in the future if you need to, but side or secret fixing has its advantages. If you're searching for a clean and screw free appearance for your deck, then you will need to commit time and significant cost associated with side or secret fixing.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Ash or Oak Wood Flooring? How Do The Two Compare

If it comes to choosing the right species of wood for your wooden floor, there are numerous things which you need to take into account. Though many people begin their travel driven by price, they soon realise that there's more to it than that. Oak is arguably one of the best and most affordable alternatives when it comes to wood floors, whether or not it's engineered or solid, but sometimes people look about for an option and ash is a species that often gets placed into the melting pot.

Ash wood floors, as you would imagine, comes in trees. Ash trees are rather unusual in the sense that inside the household of ash trees, you will find both evergreen and deciduous trees, therefore there is the potential for both soft and hardwoods to emanate from the species. Most commonly found in Europe and a few areas of north West Asia; there are likely to be between 45 and 65 different types of ash tree, so it is important that if you do plump for ash, you understand exactly what you're getting.

Ash forests that comes in the deciduous species of the shrub are particularly hard, actually they're even tougher than oak, but they are not as resistant to moisture. Believe it or notbut the wood from the tree is really hard it is even used to make baseball bats. Inside the tree, you will find two distinct colourings; there is the sapwood that is almost white and then the heartwood that ranges in color from a warm beige color to a dark brownish.

Ranging in colour from dark tones to very blonde timber, bamboo has a rather pronounced grain and this is the reason why many people choose it. Nevertheless, there is no getting away from the fact that if you're not a grainy wood fan, bamboo likely is not for you. Again arriving in all four wood ranges: prime, select, natural and rustic, you'll discover that no matter which grade you choose the markings will be identifying. In regards to resistance to humidity and moisture, oak is extremely effective.

One of the main advantages of bamboo floors, aside from its price is it's especially resistant to denting and scratching, so if you have a busy household or higher footfall, then this option is most likely a better alternative than ash.

While many authentic wood workers assert that ash is marginally easier to use than oak, when it comes to flooring this should not be a specific problem because the product comes pretty much ready to lay. At length, on the subject of upkeep, neither option should require more upkeep than another, so this shouldn't be a deciding factor.

If you are in a toss up scenario between ash and oak, hopefully this article will have helped steer you in 1 direction or another. However, if you'd like to talk about the options further, do not hesitate to get in contact. At Romford Floor Sanding We're always pleased to help and we'll provide you the benefit of our many years of expertise.

Monday, 1 April 2019

Hardwood Floors: How Much Shine Do You Need?

As soon as you accomplish the easy conclusion that hardwood floors are one of the most versatile options available, giving a wonderful clean, comfortable, and flow to your floor plan the decisions are only beginning. To begin with, the sort of wood has to be chosen, besides choosing a stain or lack thereof for the last finish that is applied.

There are quite a few choices out there for completing purposes following the setup was completed. These are typically divided to these categories depending on the quantity of reflection and glow from dull to bright - matte, satin, semi-gloss, gloss. Frequently there'll likewise be differing stain colours with every related glean instead so determining which colour you aspire to administer, related to how much shine you want the flooring to possess, must be determined before placing down the coat.

To help you pick samples can be obtained and put onto an inconspicuous area of the floor to help homeowners get an idea of what each will look like in their natural surroundings. Frequently, picking the colors from sample cards and pictures is tough and undergoing the quantity of glow that your surface will probably have is near impossible without these small sample sections. Following is a short description of every blot's typical differing classes. 


The dullest of glow samples, matte does not mean it is not common. This appearance generates a more natural texture to the timber and in obviously glowing rooms won't reflect close to the quantity of lighting of its counterparts. Actually, the matte wood complete tendency is increasing in part as a result of natural wood grains being vulnerable, making a more inherent texture. 


A centre of the street choice, the household of lace finishes can often enhance the grain from the

wood without creating the"wet" look related to higher glean finishes. If you are not offered on a top reflective, shiny flooring or the complete all-natural appearance of matte finishes, then satin is something that you should consider based on the colour of stain chosen. 


Gloss is divided into two distinct categories within its own division. Semi-gloss and high gloss are equally extremely reflective and provide hardwood floors their shiny coats. But a high gloss sheen will show a significant amount of dust and may even produce tracks through commonly traveled areas of the home. These finishes are typically reserved for bowling alleys and gymnasium flooring rather than the family living room. However, semi-gloss finishes are a frequent practice in homes because of their like new look and continuous shine when well maintained. 

When you're ready to make a Choice on the finish of your hardwood floors, while Enhancing the quality and value of Your House, then look no further than Romford Floor Sanding . Our professionally trained employees have plenty of experience and can help in your decision making as each home and setup is going to differ. We also utilize a dustless sanding system which is able to save you the time and money, getting you into your house quicker and without the mess! Serving the Romford and surrounding areas since 1996, Romford Floor Sanding can assist you in selecting the appropriate look, feel, and direction for your area while providing hands on expertise and explanations concerning the work that you want completed. Contact us now at 020 3151 9139 To schedule your free estimate to get started. 

Wednesday, 12 September 2018


If it comes to redecorating your home, you would like to have the very best kind of flooring which money can buy that will improve your home and hopefully add some value onto it to get when you might come to sell your home. As opposed to choosing cheap laminate flooring, it is highly advisable to choose solid hardwood floors.

Hardwood flooring looks beautiful in any kind of house in any type of room. It can easily be accommodate in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and baths. You will be surprised by how versatile a flooring covering that hardwood floors is. This is the reason why so many men and women are now opting to have hardwood flooring in their property.

You've got a variety of different kinds of wood to select from, from light woods such as ash to darker woods like walnut. Every wood has its own individual qualities and personalities so you'll get a different result with every type of wood. The wood will be fitted perfectly on your room so it looks like it has ever been there and it'll change and grow over time so the hardwood floors looks first. You will discover that once you've got hardwood flooring in your home, you won't need another sort of floor covering.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018


When you invest in hardwood flooring it's important to know about the best methods for maintaining and healing it in order for it to last as long as possible.

Whilst many types of hardwood flooring are famous for their durability, this doesn't signify that they are completely indestructible, and you can not afford not to look after your flooring properly.

Hardwood flooring had many advantages though, and one of those benefits is the fact that, maintaining its condition doesn't need an inordinate amount of time, effort or money.

Keeping flooring clean on a daily basis can be achieved through simple dry cleaning and sweeping- making sure that only appropriate products and equipment are utilized here's vital though.

It might also be a fantastic idea to put money into rugs and set them in areas that are more vulnerable to spills. Investing in rubber/felt pads to prevent furniture from destroying flooring can also be sensible.

As time goes on, and should you think that your floors could gain from build-up, renovation professionals will have the ability to do this in a cost and time efficient method.

Friday, 29 June 2018


There's nothing nice about living in a home with decoration you're not happy with, as it can make it really difficult to feel very relaxed.

If you feel as though your home is in urgent need of improving, you're likely to have quite a few possibilities going through your mind- with one of these possibilities being enhancing your floors.

Rather than a flooring change simply being a possibility though, you ought to make it a reality, as it actually can make a huge difference.

If the floor in your home now is made up of carpeting, replacing these carpets with wooden flooring should establish a fast, easy and affordable method of improving your home design.

Installing wooden flooring can immediately lift the look of your house, and there are many unique kinds of wood with which you'll be able to achieve this. Popular woods include walnut, walnut, walnut and beech, in a huge range of widths and designs, although there's a lot more option.

To make your house enhancement as fast, easy and economical as possible, it is best to seek support from a specialist. This will make certain you choose a suitable type of timber and flooring is set up efficiently and properly- thus decreasing the danger of any issues farther down the line.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Why is My Hardwood Floor Making Noise?

As the humidity in Maryland climbs and falls, you might notice your hardwood flooring has begun making some odd sounds. While you might assume that this is merely the normal sound of the wood settling, it might be something else completely. Below are some hints for dealing with noises which you might hear from the hardwood flooring.


Squeaking is one of the most common problems you will encounter when you have a hardwood floor. However, what if you're just walking from 1 end of your dining area to another? Squeaking is caused by changes in a hastily completed installation job. You may need to use a dehumidifier or a humidifier to balance out the humidity levels in your home. From time to time, the real cause is that the subfloor. To fix this, pull up the spot in which you hear the squeaking, mend the subfloor, then replace it with a brand new plank of flooring.


Popping is a beautiful noise when you're making popcorn for your next film night in your living room, but it's not so fun to listen to it coming from the hardwood floor. The popping sound might be attributed to nails from the subfloor coming loose.


Laminate flooring will generate a weird hollow sound when you walk on it. Hardwood floors occasionally have this matter too. Consider adding some underlayment to help make that hollow noise go away. Cork might be another alternative you can try as well, but in the long run, you have to find a solution that is appropriate for you. Romford Floor Sanding can help, contact us today!